​Teachers of HIBIKI

First-rate and experienced Japanese teachers you can rely on!

Rate of adoption of teachers is only 18%  

As hiring standard, we focus on personality such as communication ability, considerate as well as certification, experience, skill, and web environment.

You can learn from friendly teachers who passed our strict standard.

・Completed Japanese education as a major or sub major at University.
・Passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

・Completed 420 hours of Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

・Experienced online Japanese lessons.

Trustworthy teachers carefully hears your needs  and help you to improve your communication skills in Japanese.


Oda Mari
​おだ まり





It is nice to meet you. I am Mari Oda. I have worked mainly as a Japanese teacher at a company for 18 years. I have helped students to pass their exams by teaching business Japanese, and JLPT N5-N1. I am good at providing lesson fitting one's level and needs. For students who wants to pass JLPT, I will find out one's weak area by providing practice questions of listening,vocabulary, grammer, reading from previous exam questions, and expanding strong area to get more points. The lesson can be made in English, all Japanese or whatever the way you fell comfortable with. I will take request from you in order to provide lesson which meets your needs as much as possible. Example:Practice of Japanese email at work Practice for small talk.   Practice for polite form Japanese As shown above, I will try to offer you any lesson to meet your request. I am looking forward to study with you.

Ooyama Naohisa​
​おおやま なおひさ

I have taught Japanese mainly to Technical intern trainee at local Japanese classes for more than 8 years. Since I finished 420 hours of Language Teacher Training Course, I can provide easy to understand grammer lesson. I can provide lesson of ①JLPT N4 level grammer lesson by using Minnano Nihongo. ②Test preparation for JLPT N2 and N3 ③Business conversation for biginners. ④Free talk Basically the class is held in Japanese, but I can provide English explanation for beginngers. I am happy if I can help anyone who would like to study Japanese. Let's enjoy studying Japanese.



Naoko Ishikawa
​いしかわ なおこ

Hello everyone. I am Naoko Ishihawa. I am teaching Japanese at Japanese school too. Before that I have worked at some Japanese companiers. So I can have lessons for beginner JLPT preparation, and business English. Also I am happy to have a free talk with you. My hobby is to watch movies and DVD. I also like reading novels. Also I like dogs. What Japanese would you like to learn? What would do like to do with your Japanese? What do you like? I would like you to tell me about you. Let's study Japanese together and let your dream come true.




It is nice to see you. I know there are so many reasons to study English such as to go to Japanese University, to work in japan, to teach foreign language to Japanese people, to get married with Japanese, to learn Japanese technics in various field, just love Japanese old culture, J-POP, animation, or Manga, etc. I also heard that some one likes a soft sound of Japanese. I am happy to have a chance to help you to learn Japanese. Let's enjoy learning Japanese until achieving one's goal.



Keiko Kurihara
​くりはら けいこ

Is it difficult to learn Japanese? I have a long experience of office work (secretary, marketing coordinator, logistic coordinator, SESPP-secretariat for ODA, etc.) and have worked with many foreigners. I realized that most of my foreign coworkers want to learn Japanese just as Japanese people want to be able to speak English. I believe that it will be useful for free-talk, level-based learning, business level (incl. mail, e-mail), Japanese for daily life., etc. Let’s enjoy Japanese learning together!





My hobby is cooking. I also like eating sweets.  On free talk lesson, I am happy if you talks about your favorite, good, or unique food from your country.  I hope you like Japanese and Japan more through my lesson. I am looking forward to meeting you at the lesson. 



Haruka Naka
​なか はるか

Hello! I have travelled to many countries about 10 years ago. So many people at all places were so kind and helped me a lot. Now I would like to help people' life and work by teaching Japanese. My hobby is watching movies, outdoor activities, and Hula dance. I would like to provide lessons according to one's level and goal and make you satisfied and feel improvement.



Hayato Takarabe
​たからべ はやと



Hello everyone. I am Hayato. I welcome everyone who is not good at Japanese, and who is beginner of it. From now, let's enjoy leaning together. 「About me」 I have a license of Japanes teacher. As well as begin a Japanese teacher, I work in home appliances sales at a multinational company. I have been in a sales at both Japanese and foreign company for more than 10 years. So I can teach you business Japanese, manners and give an advice for negotiation. Don't hesitate to ask about any propblem or concern you find at work. ・Hobby・Specialty My hobby is travel, climbing mountains, and reading. I am good at Karate and have a black belt. Karate is one of Japanese culture which was established in Japan, I recommend you to find any thing or any Japanese culture that you are interested in, then it will help you to improve your Japanese. 「About my lesson」 ・Free Talk Let's talk about what you like as much as possible. Don't afraid to make a mistake. As you talk more, your Japanese be better. ・Lesson with text Let's study grammer, vocaburary, and making sentences. We can also practice converstation at a specific situation when you get better. I am looking forward to seeing you on a class!


I am teaching Japanese at Japanese language schools for foreign students. I really enjoy teaching and studying together with my students. 

I can also speak English. (I used to live in the US for 4 years.)

My hobby is traveling. 

I enjoy seeing beautiful sceneries of the world and having delicious meals. 

I promise you that learning Japanese will get even more exciting once you can make yourself understood in Japanese. 

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. 

So, let’s talk in Japanese a lot and have fun learning!  




Saki Iwata
​いわた さきの

I like travel, watching movies, and am interested in interior and fashion. I love cats. I speak English and Chinese. I am currently a teacher of Japanese school, and I can teach you Japanese expertly since I finished Japanese I.  I finished 420 hours of Language Teacher Training Course. I used to live in a foreign country, and know how it is difficut to live in a foreign county and to look for a job. I am happy if my experience help your life in Japan. I will provides you a relaxed class, so let's have fun!






Hi everyone. I am MJ, teacher of Hibiki. 「I want to talk with people from all over the world!」「I wish I could have Honyaku Konnyaku which is tool of Draemon. (you can understand any language when you eat it.)」「Santa! I want dokodemo door (which takes you anywhere you lie) or Takecopter (which makes you fly when you put it on top of your head) 」I grew up with having these dreams and I became Japanese teacher and taught Japanese all over the world for more than 10 years. And now here I am😊 I have taught Japanese in Japan, Thai, Australia, Brazilian community in Japan, and Peru while leaning other languages. I also experienced a translator and interpretor.ます。 My hobby is African dance, Latin dance, Thai dance, and Japanese traditional dance.  I enjoy my private life by communicating people I met around the world thru dancing. For everyone who learns Japanese! I would like to hear your goals and dreams to understand your needs, and help you to learn Japanese. Let's work together towards your dreams or goals.  It is one of reasons for my life to help you to make your life enlich.  I am really looking forward to seeing you at a lesson. I will do my best to give you a lot of souveier after a class. Please relax and enter the online lesson. 😊♡

Hi everyone. I am Mayumi Kuroki, Japanese teacher. What do you like to do on your days off ? I often play tennis, play with my kids and dog, or watch movies. I lke both to spend it relaxing or active. My dream is to trip around by caravan as I feel and until I feel to have it enough . I am already excited about it when I think about it.   By the way, what makes you to be interested in HIBIKI? Is this because you want to speak Japanese? or To be able to use Japanese at work ? To get Japanese friend ? To pass JLPT ? To know Japanese culture? To live in Japan? Because you like a sound of Japanese?  Each of you must has a different reason. So please tell me about your purpose or dream. I will help you to achieve your goal.   I beleive it also depends on person who you want to learn. Person who like to learn from conversation, from text book, good at listening, good at learning from what a person see. Let's find your own way and work together!. Also make sure to enjoy leaning!   I am looking forward to seeing you.

Mayumi Kuroki
くろき まゆみ


日本語教育能力検定試験 合格

Hello. I am Mico who live in Tokyo. I worked at a company before becoming Japanese language teacher. My hobby is eating, traveling, and watching sports games. Languages and cultures have a strong bond. I would like people study Japanese also understand Japanese culture. I am happy if you like to Japan through leaning. Let me help your study. 





I enjoy my job of Japanese teacher and am always excited to meet new people and find something new. I will provide an comfortable environment that make you relax and talk and ask questions without hesitation. I am happy if you can learn practical Japanese even just for a short time lesson. Dreams will surely come true. Let's work hard together.



I am Takashi Shima and live in Kobe, Hyogo. I have worked as a system enginner in IT industry for a long time. I lived in a foreign country as a member of NGO after retirement,  I decided to become a Japanese language teacher to help people visiting Japan.  I would like to introduce you wide range of Japanese cultures through Japanese by using my life experiences.  Also I would like to make a good atmosphere at a class where you can enjoy and ask anything frankly.  I hope you find anything good about Japanese. 

Takashi Shima
​しま たかし



Hello. I am Sachiyo. I am from Osaka. My hobby is cooking and travel. I have lived in Netherland, Germany, Dubai, and Vietnam.  It is the shortest way for improvement to use Japanese as much as possible without hesitation. Don't afrand to make a mistake.  Let's listen and speak a lot. Then you will be comfortable with it. I am looing forward to seeing you at a lesson.

Sachiyo Nizawa
​にざわ さちよ