HIBIKI online
Japanese school

Professional and considerable native Japanese teachers are waiting for you!! 

Group lesson : From 500 yen per 1 lesson (50min.)
One on one:3850yen per 1 lesson
E-learning :500yen for 1 video (about 20min.)
Life consulting :500 yen for 10min.


What we can do

①provides high quality lessons at affordable prices.

②provides various courses for you to choose. 


Group lesson
One on one lesson

A teacher provides lesson at your pace, and explains any part that you find it difficult. We help you to achieve your goal at the fastest way.


(One on one)



You can learn any time, anywhere through our E-leaning system.  We provide high quality Japanese lessons at lower cost. 

1 lesson



Japanese life 

You can ask any questions about your life in Japan from  500yen per 10 min.  What if I am late for work? How can I get on the bus? How can I take out the trash?  You can ask anything which is different from your original country in this class. 

10 Min.



All teachers are first-rate native Japanese. 

We help you to improve your Japanese by understanding your own purpose and ability.

Our teachers are professional Japanese teachers with qualification who passed our strict quality standard of communication ability, personality, web connection, how to speak and so on and were chosen by more than 200 applicants.  The experienced professional teachers provide high quality lesson to you.

Watch a video to learn more about our school !!

Mari Oda
(おだ まり) 先生

18years experience

has provides lessons for 8000 hours.
Offers wide range of courses From beginner to business

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Naohisa Ohyama

(おおやま なおひさ)

​8 years experience of teaching Japanese

Completed ​420 hours of Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

I can give an easy-to-understand explanation about grammar. Experienced for JLPT preparation.

​Provides wide range of courses from elementary to  JLPT measures, and business.

  • YouTubeの社会のアイコン

Reiko れいこ

8 years experience as Japanese teacher

Experienced for JLPT preparation and business English.

​Provides wide range of courses from elementary to  JLPT measures, and business.

  • YouTubeの社会のアイコン

Mayumi Kuroki

(くろき まゆみ

4 years experiences as Japanese teacher

Passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

Teacher at Japanese school

JLPT preparation from N5 to N1

・Experienced for private lessons for companies.

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Feedback from students

​There is no Japanese school around my area, but I do not neew it since I can learn Japanese online at Hibiki and its qualified teacher. 


I am too busy to go to school at specific date and time. But at hibiki, I can learn anytime I want, and also teachers are friendly and so kind, so I can happily keep leaning   


They were supportive to choose a course for my purpose which I would like to learn business Japanese. were very helpful

How to use HIBIKI 

At Japanese life consultation class, 
ask anything about your life in Japan to your professional Japanese teachers to get an advice.

Watch E-leaning  as many as you want.

At one on one lesson

you can learn Japanese from basic, JLPT to business according to your purpose. 

​Coming Soon!!


How to start

①Choose lesson from one on one, E-leaning, and life consulting. 

②Choose course from chosen course. 

(Except life consulting)

③Purchase the course.

④Upon confirmation of payment, you can join the class. 

​Go to course page for details. 

One on one lesson


Life consulting

​Coming Soon!!

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